Who We Are?

Our Mission

Effinity Engineering is much more than a technical staffing company. We are engineers!

We provide not only the technical staffing resources for all aspects of engineering but also guidance, ongoing technical support, and mentoring for all of our deployed engineering resources. This is a company built by engineers for engineers, employers, and engineering assistants (avatars). 


Extraordinary Experiences

We are a collective mind. We have hundreds of years of combined engineering experience and we pride ourselves on being able to solve infinitely difficult technical challenges in the most efficient way possible…hence the Effinity. 

We collaborate and share ideas amongst our entire resource team. We document and share lessons learned and solutions discovered in a vast knowledge database for reference and quick resolution of new challenges. 

Our Core Values

Employers that use our services receive not only the best engineering personnel but also extended technical support from our collective mind. Our engineerings have the backing and support of all of our technical knowledge and expertise to go way beyond what’s listed on a single resume.